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About Tiger Auto Parts:

Tiger Auto Parts has been serving automotive businesses since 2001. We are the 2nd largest importer & distributors of aftermarket automotive collision parts in North America. We are a proud member of the Aftermarket Body Parts Association (ABPA) and the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) an industry-recognized organization that certifies the quality of automotive parts used for collision repairs.

At Tiger Auto Parts we are committed to providing the best quality parts and service with the lowest prices available. Many of the parts we offer come from ISO9000 registered manufacturers and are certified to meet or exceed OEM specifications set by CAPA.

With over 190,000 square feet of space, Tiger Auto Parts. carries one of the largest inventories of aftermarket collision parts in Canada & USA. Our extensive inventory allows us to reliably and efficiently fulfill the needs of our Jobbers.

We deliver your orders any where in Canada & USA. We don't only deliver on daily basis but we deliver on time all the time.

What can Tiger Auto Parts do for you?

We like to put ourselves in to our customers' shoes therefore we understand what our customers are expecting from us and we got them all. It basically comes down to 5 main points.

Excellent service:

We deliver your orders any where in Canada & USA. We don't only deliver on daily basis but we deliver on time all the time.

Every time our customer calls, or walk-in to our office our sales Associates, warehouse Parts handlers and our drivers take on the responsibility to serve as quick as possible and to do it the best way possible.


With wide selection of parts in our warehouse, we save our customer's time and money. Our customers always get the option to come in to pick up or ask us to deliver.

Tiger Auto Parts achievements comes from our customers' satisfaction. As a result we always try to reach and exceed our customers' need. We take our customers' feedback very seriously and we respond very quickly.


We offer the most competitive prices for the best quality parts.


All our products are purchased from ISO9000/ ISO9001 registered manufacturers and all the parts are shipped, stored and delivered in the best possible way.

Experienced and friendly staff:

With our continues training programs we have the most knowledgeable employee in the auto body parts industry and they not only deliver important information to save you time and money but also make your experience with Tiger Auto Parts the most enjoyable one.

We assign an account manager for all our customers to avoid any waiting or inconvenience by speaking to a new person. Most of our customers call their account manager directly.


In today's fast paced market, we understand the power of technology and innovation and it is our pleasure to announce that Tiger Auto Parts is one of the first Auto parts supplier which offers 100% computerized and online shopping. With our online technology option, our customers can gain access to our inventory, Price list, profile, Approved or Pending Orders, Return parts and much more at anytime anyway. Through our fascinating website our customers also can address our top management to express any concern or complaint.


No matter what auto parts you are looking for, we have it for you ready to ship.

Tiger Auto Parts is your # 1 spot for aftermarket auto parts supplier in North America.

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